„Queen of Mwarun“

01. When Samosa goes Prosa
02. To where the rivers flow
03. Queen of Mwarun
04. No trust in gold
05. When you see her
06. Travel in flying shoes
07. Dayweaver
08. You and the moon
09. Red, blue and yellow
10. Once
11. Sam Sam Ba Ba
12. When your heart is lost in the sea of love

„nice but beautiful“
Andreas Roßkopf (comp., git.), Alexandrina Simeon (voc., lyrics), Christian Buss (sax), Janusz Leudemann (b), Oliver Möbius (dr); released 2012 by artmode records

Soul Dragon
Ghost of possibility
Nice but beautiful
Voices in the rain
Break my bones and collect them
The Influence
Future is a long, long time ago
Queen of the sky
Close to the road
New old beans
Wheeping in the blowing wind
Nice and queen